Book pedantics 101

A big part of my bookish pedanticism (is that a word, cos it should be) shines through in the way I feel about book covers and the book covers of a series in particular. If I have all of the books from a trilogy or series, they absolutely MUST be the same edition. This is the main reason I won’t buy series books from Book Depository – is it just me or do you never really know what the book you’re buying from them is going to look like (unless you check the ISBN I suppose, but who can be bothered with that)? I had a friend that bought something from Book Depository recently, and what arrived in the post was one of those mini flip-book versions of the novel. WTF?

Which brings me to my next pedanticism: film tie-in covers. Yay or nay? Personally, I’m a nay. K-Stew and R-Pats dead-eyeing me from the cover of my copy of Twilight cheapens it for me somehow. Although, maybe that’s not such a great example seeing as the writing, plot and characters probably do a good enough job on their own of cheapening that guy. But you know what I mean. In hundreds of years, when the book has a survived, but no one remembers they made a movie out of it, who wants their copy of The Book Thief to have Geoffrey Rush’s face plastered all over it?

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  1. I agree with you as I never buy film tie-in cover. Well except for one book, Jane Eyre. I couldn’t resist Michael Fassbender’s (Jane Eyre) and Tilda Swinton’s faces (We Need to Talk about Kevin).

    Anyway your post inspires me to write about this alternative cover. Hope you don’t mind. 😀


  2. I agree and not because of the movie issue but… I have self published and the hours spent agonizing over the cover were lengthy. Therefore I believe the cover should stay as the author intended.


    • Yup. The art cover design is complex as it involves many people (designer, author, publisher) etc. This is what I gather from Romance Festival 2014.

      However if a book has been optioned for a movie, I think the author doesn’t have a say in film tie-in cover. Am I right?


  3. Ever notice that Harry Potter never had film tie-in covers? Why does everyone else need them? I really, really hate them. That being said, I preferred the film tie-in of Cloud Atlas more than the original cover. I really don’t need that much pink glaring at me from my book shelf (well, when I eventually GET another book shelf)


    • That is such a good point about Harry Potter books – I’d never thought about that.

      I think I must have a different Cloud Atlas version to you, no pink at all on mine – also, I can’t stand Tom Hanks, so I definitely wouldn’t want the movie tie-in if he’s on the cover, but if Liam Hemsworth found his way on to the Hunger Games cover on the other hand… 😉


      • Someone pointed it out to me a while ago and I was like you go JK Rowling! That being said, I am not a fan of the new HP covers. But that might just be my childhood talking.

        Yeah, I ended up with the tie-in for Cloud Atlas because I really dislike pink. Plus, Hugh Grant was on the cover, not just Tom Hanks, so that was alright.
        Haha, Liam Hemsworth is gorgeous. There’s too much gorgeousness in the Hemsworth family. It’s totally unfair for the rest of us mere mortals


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