Book graveyard

My desk drawer at work has turned into a book graveyard – I always take books in with such good intentions and never finish them. It’s like, as soon as they are at work, they no longer present any sort of appeal, like the office rubs off on them or something. They are tarnished by becoming part of the most boring aspect of my life. Even the David Sedaris book in there seems boring to me when I read it at lunch. Well, at least in comparison to the delights that Buzzfeed is offering – why yes I do want to see the 33 photos that prove Aussie men are hot.

To be fair, the Sedaris is a bit of an anomaly. Most of the books buried in there are non-fiction – I have a thing about not reading two fiction novels at the same time (there’s no way my tiny brain wouldn’t get them mixed up) – but a fiction and a non-fiction at the same time makes sense, except the last thing I want on my lunch break is to read about real life. I’m already living it real, and it’s boring as all get out.

I’m thinking maybe I should try some genre fiction at lunch, or some YA…but then when would I ever get around to finishing (ok, starting) The Female Eunuch?

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  1. I have empathy for your situation. I have books stacked here at the side of my computer books I want to read but struggle with finding time. What I have started doing is carrying one with me in my handbag or my kindle so if I am on a long journey and lucky enough to be a passenger – I read. I also read at night my aim is two or three chapters but admit I often fall asleep before reaching my target. No reflection on the reading matter but on the fact that life has become busy, far too busy.


  2. Hhhhmm I once put ‘Mockingbird’ by Suzanne Collins on my desk but I never picked it up to read. So I took it home, waited for the mood to strike (I usually read romance because they are short & light) and managed to finish it within few days.

    From then on, I decided to only put work-related books at work. I was a researcher so I used lunch hour to read journal articles or Twitter headlines. I read fiction when I commute or am at home.


  3. I think, because my job involves editing a lot of technical documents (so, very dry material), what I really want to read at lunch is something completely different; I need something light and frothy. What I read at home is mostly literary fiction, which I can’t seem to concentrate on at lunch with all the distractions of the office. Quite the dilemma :o)


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