Lucky dip

I don’t have enough books to read, said me never. Mine is the opposite problem. My TBR pile grows steadily every week, matched only by my guilt and panic. Because there are so many books sitting there unread and unloved, choosing what to read is a nightmare. So, I devised a system (well, the internets devised a system and I appropriated it), to take the agony out of choosing. I have written all of the books on my shelf, both on my physical shelf and those sitting on my Kindle, on post-it notes and have put them into a vase, and when I’m ready for a book I get the boyfriend to choose one out of the jar. It’s my ‘what-to-read-next lucky dip’ (I gotta come up with a snappier name), and it’s working a treat so far. Although, I wish he’d stop picking out all the massive books in there – it’s really messing with my reading stats.


lucky dip



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