Bookaholics Unite

I’m a book-aholic; let me count the ways:

  1. If I see a book on sale, I have to buy it, regardless of how overwhelming my TBR pile is. Cheap books are where my obsession with books and my obsession with bargains merge in perfect harmony
  2. Further to the above, the Lifeline Book Fair is at once the best and the worst thing in the world. Even though I know I don’t need any more books, I absolutely cannot stop myself from going every single time it is on. What can I do, it’s for charity…
  3. Even if the library is open, I have to return my books into the returns bin out the front, because as soon as I step one foot inside those doors, I’m powerless. I get all excited being around so many books and I just can’t help myself – I have to have them all. So, while the reason for my trip may have been an innocent returns mission, it always ends in more borrowing
  4. And if, for some reason, I allow myself to enter the gates of heaven and find myself in the stacks, I will sometimes take the books I’ve already read off the shelves. Just to look at them, and nod knowingly to myself. If it’s a book I really love, I have to hold myself back from forcing it on any one of the poor, unsuspecting library patrons
  5. I can’t get rid of books, even ones I hated. Just writing the words ‘get rid’ so close to the word ‘books’ makes me nervous. I horde them for that day that is coming soon (please, pretty please), when this is minehome library
  6. At work, at concerts, at the movies, at parties, everywhere, I find myself daydreaming about the couch and the half-finished book waiting there for me
  7. Sometimes I don’t drink when I go out so I can read in bed before I go to sleep
  8. And other times I don’t go out at all.

There are about a million other ways in which my obsession manifests, but you get the picture. What are your ways?

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  1. Since I started my book blog last May, I’ve been thinking about books almost all the time such as “What to write in the next post?”, “What other book-ish events going on in the world?”. Google search is my best friend.
    I also participate in Twitter daily chat about books. Look for hashtag #bookadayuk. I tweet with that hashtag almost everyday.


  2. Sometimes I will stand around my apartment looking, slightly mesmerised, by my bookshelf. Admiring it’s beauty. I will do the same in bookshops and libraries.

    Also, I pass the library on my walk to and from work everyday. Everyday I feel a little inward tug to go inside for a few minutes. It’s like crack.


    • I know what you mean – I have a ‘special’ book shelf in my bedroom with all my favourite books on it and I can stand in front of it for hours, just gazing lovingly at my babies.


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