Fangirling over Fangirl

Sometimes you only need to read a few pages of a book to know it’s going straight to the special shelf once it’s finished. For me, Fangirl is one such book. I’ve only read a couple of chapters and I already know that I’m going to heart it so hard. Which is actually a massive relief because…well…and, now don’t hate me internet, but…I didn’t love Eleanor and Park. There. I said it.

I’m not sure what it was that I didn’t love, because it had all the elements of something wonderful, but I just didn’t really feel it.

Anyway, you can put the pitchforks away because I am loving Fangirl. The tone is perfect, I already feel so much sympathy and love for Cath, I have laughed out loud a couple of times (which is fairly rare for me in books), and I just never want the book to end. I’m only reading it in my lunch hour at work, because Hilary Mantel has taken over my home reading time (sister loves a big book), but I’m kind of glad that’s the case because it means I’ll get to spread the joy over many days. If I had brought the book home there’s no way I’d be sitting here right now writing this post – I’d be curled up on the couch reading the shit out of it and ignoring everything that got in my way until it was done. Relationship and dinner be damned.

Luckily for the boyfriend and (more importantly) my stomach, it is tucked up in my desk drawer ready to get me through my Monday. Now, if I could only stop thinking about it I’d be able to get back to my life.


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  1. Your first paragraph – I could have written that almost word for word 😀
    The only difference would be I read Fangirl first. It’s a relief to see someone else saying the same thing, because I’m trying to write my review for E&P now and it’s so tough because there were enjoyable moments, but there were things which just left me feeling indifferent….

    Anyway, hope you enjoy your read of Fangirl, and savour each and every page because it’s such a wonderful book.


    • Completely agree about E&P – some of it was great, and I loved reading a story where the main characters weren’t the usual carbon copy teenagers, but some of it just fell a bit flat for me. Good luck with the review!!


  2. Oh I have Rainbow Rowell in my TBR list. Haven’t read any of her works but John Green praised her a couple of times. I’m not sure whether to start with Eleanor & Park or Fangirl.

    Eleanor & Park has been optioned for a movie so I’ll ask the book store owner to buy this book. Then I get to borrow. 🙂


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