Gone Girl: the movie

Have you seen the preview for the Gone Girl movie? Hot damn it looks good.

[Warning: this post may contain slight spoilers…]

I think most of us book-ish types would agree that there are very few movies that have been better, or even as good as, the books. Because of the way I feel about books, I automatically assume that the movie won’t live up to the beauty of the written word, and mostly I am proven correct. But it’s not like I want to be right about this – I love movies, and in a perfect world, when ‘they’ turn a book I love into a movie it should be a glorious marriage – a chance for me to relive the magic all over again, but this time with my eyes (not that I don’t use my eyes to read but, you know what I mean).

I think that some books were just not made to be movies, while others are perfect cinematic material. Which is why I can’t wait to see Gone Girl. I enjoyed the book. I didn’t think it was anything amazing, but it had me gripped and I didn’t see the twist coming and it left me feeling angry and slightly abused, not from a failure in the writing, but actually from the success of the story. I also think it’s going to make a great movie – the tension, the characters, the twists and turns – they were made for cinema. This isn’t a book about people thinking big things (I’ve heard literary fiction described as ‘white people in Brooklyn having thoughts’); it’s a book of action and intrigue – characteristics which should translate perfectly to screen.

I’ll admit, when I first heard that Ben Affleck had been cast to play Nick, I was a little disappointed – he’s not at all how I pictured him. But now I’ve seen the previews, I realise he’s perfect. Just the right amount of hapless and hopeless. Rosamund Pike also seems a good fit for Amy – pretty but not drop-dead gorgeous, a little weak-looking but a cunning sparkle in her eye that could turn to manipulation. So far, I like what I see. I just hope they haven’t used up all their best material in the preview.


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  1. David Fincher is one of my favourite directors so I’m hopeful that he’ll do a great job with this. Early reports seem to be that it’s great and (whisper it) possibly even better than the novel.

    I’ll be booking my ticket next week at least 🙂


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