Spoils for book lovers

I’ve only recently just realised how much bookish swag there is out there just asking, nay begging, me to buy it.

I’ll never be cold again with Darcy’s words wrapped around my neck:

darcy scarf

I have a bit of a thing about maps, particularly old maps of far and distant places, and I think we’ve already pretty well established how I feel about books, so this literary map of London is pretty much the best thing ever:

literary london

Book nerd problems: When I was reading A Place of Greater Safety the bit between my thumb and index finger [insert scientific name here], kept getting really achey from the strain of keeping the epic tome open. I needed this, a book on book:

book on book

When you combine book swag with Sir Mix-a-lot you get something so perfect it almost hurts:


Anyway, I should probably stop spending the money I don’t have on frivolities I don’t need…except…well…this. This one I need:



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