Giving up on The Scarlet Letter

How many pages of a book do you have to hate before it’s ok to give it up? Usually, I have real issues quitting books, but I’m 20 pages in to The Scarlet Letter and I don’t think I can go on. And the funny thing is, I feel really good about about quitting.

Ordinarily, I’d be pushing on and hating life, but I think because I know the general gist of the story, I know how it ends and I’ve seen the movie (ok, I’ve seen Easy A, close enough), I don’t have so much FOMO about not finishing the book. Also, I’ve just had one of the best reading experiences of my life with The Narrow Road to the Deep North, so I feel kind of lofty in my reading expectations – and 20 pages of Hawthorne going on and on about, well, that’s just it, I have no idea what he’s going on about, I’m not entirely sure I’ve understood a single thing he’s said so far. I had it in my head that the Scarlet Letter would be an enjoyable read – I wasn’t expecting it to be easy or funny or light, but I wasn’t expecting a complete head scratcher either – I thought it would be somewhere in between.

The other problem is that this is my view for the next three days:

photo (1)

I don’t want to struggle with a book when I’m at the beach – I want to be entertained and captivated and when I abandon it mid-page for a swim, I want to know what’s going on when I return.

Perhaps I’ll give it up for the weekend, and try it again when I’m back in the doldrums of real life. What do you guys think? Is it worth persevering with?

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  1. It tooka bit but I ended up enjoying the book for the most part. But it isn’t for everyone! Hope you have fun at the beach!


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