Top Ten Tuesday – get these people in the limelight already

I love the theme of this week’s Top Ten Tuesday – I just hope Geraldine Brooks is taking notice so she can do for some of these what she did for March:

  1. Lydia Bennett (Pride and Prejudice) – while I’m not disputing the fact that Lizzie is the rightful hero of Pride and Prejudice, I do think a novel from Lydia’s point of view could be quite hilarious. Particularly if it was set in the modern day, and her and Wickham were a kind of Will and Grace duo…someone make this happen please.
  2. Acheron Hades (The Eyre Affair, etc) – what’s not to love about someone who believes strongly in doing things that are morally evil? I mean, the guy tries to extract Jane Eyre from the pages of her book and hold her to ransom – I need to know more.
  3. Miss Kenton (Remains of the Day) – I would love to take a long drive with her, the way we get to with Stevens, and have her tell me her story.
  4. Katz (A Walk in the Woods) – I once saw an interview with Bill Bryson and he said that people ask after Katz all the time, so I suspect I’m not alone in wanting to more about this hapless weirdo.
  5. Gabriel (The Giver) – I just really want to know that him and Jonas are ok.
  6. Haymitch (The Hunger Games) – I stole this from SS Readers Corner. I would love to know what happened in Haymitch’s arena, how he won and why he’s so messed up now.
  7. Raegan (Fangirl) – I thought Raegan was a great character – all tough and cool, with some great one-liners, but deep down has a heart of gold.
  8. Professor Snape (Harry Potter) – Such a complex character, he had me constantly questioning whose side he was really on – I would love to go inside his head for a book or two.
  9. Boo Radley (To Kill a Mockingbird) – classic mysterious character that I would love to know more about.
  10. Amy (Gone Girl) – wait a minute… 😉

Once upon a time I would have had Alexander from The Bronze Horseman in this list, but then Paullina Simons wrote a book from his point of view and it was awful, so be careful what you wish for people.


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  1. Hi. I love your list. I would definitely read Snape’s story. I was so confused of his intentions in the sixth book; I never once believed he was evil. Would love to read about his school years (his friendship with Lily; being bullied by that gang etc). Would also like to know more about his time during Voldemort’s ruling.

    Oh I forgot about Boo Radley. He’s such a mysterious character!

    Thanks for mentioning my post! Let’s spread the Haymitch love. 🙂


  2. I’ve never thought about Haymitch when I did my list but it would be totally awesome to read how he won the games!
    Snape….. all the feels. ALL THE FEELS. I ended up not including any HP character on my list because I do tend to feature HP a lot on TTTs but I would have picked The Marauders for this. ^^


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