Audio books – worth it?

Audiobooks are expensive. Fact. Enough said. End post.

But seriously, the first time I looked at buying an Audible subscription I was outraged at the price. $15 a month, and all I get is one measly book? I’m trying to crack 100 books in a year here people, one a month isn’t going to help me much. Sorry Amazon, you and your drones are not getting my money this time.

But there are some books that I would really like to read on audio (Amy Poehler reading her memoir with assorted celebrity guests. Ummm, Yes Please (pun intended)). So I looked at the individual price of an audio book and it was roughly the same price as a paperback, but lacking that all-important physical form to display on my bookshelf. How would anyone know that I’ve read it?

For some reason I had it in my head that audiobooks would cost about the same as an ebook – I mean, the form you get them in is pretty much the same, it’s just a file with a different extension. But then I actually engaged my brain for a second and realised I was being was totally unfair. Obviously it’s more expensive to produce an audio book than it is an ebook – some poor sucker has to sit there and read the bloody thing into a microphone – and when that poor sucker is the author or someone famous, then there is obviously going to be some money changing hands.

Knowing this doesn’t change how I feel though – they’re expensive, and I’m not convinced they are worth it. What do you think?

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  1. “some poor sucker has to sit there and read the bloody thing into a microphone”. I died hahahahaha
    I’m not a fan of audiobooks because my attention span is that of a fish and so if I’m listening to it, I’ll have to repeat and repeat the same thing all over again. So, yeah, not for me. And it’s true, they are freaking expensive!


  2. Honestly, I can’t read audiobooks because my mind wonders too much. I will be listening to one and then I realize 30 minutes went by and I have no idea what is happening! I tried once and just couldn’t do it again.


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