2014 done and dusted


Now that I have crawled out of my ham and champagne-induced coma, it seems like the perfect time to take a bookish look back on 2014, after all, it was my first year of logging and blogging, so it deserves some attention.

When I first started logging my reading, it was with a curious eye – how many books do I read in a year, I naively wondered? By month two, I realised it had turned into some sort of competition with myself, except that I had no previous years to compare the numbers with, so I was actually competing with my future selves, which made even less sense. By the half way point, my competitive side had cooled down, allowing me to actually enjoy the books I was reading rather than seeing them as stats. By the end of the year, after reading epic tomes like The Luminaries, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell and A Place of Greater Safety, I knew I was doomed (doomed to what I’m still not sure, but doomed all the same), and so I settled in to my natural reading rhythm. With the new year in sight, I stormed home with a couple of books that I was able to read in one or two sittings, such as Cinder and The Bluest Eye, giving me a last-minute boost. And so, the final stats are as follows:

  • Number of books started: 81
  • Number of books finished: 76
    (side note on this stat: there are two books that will forever remain unfinished, I’m sorry Germaine Greer and Nathanial Hawthorn, I just can’t go on. Little Women and What We See When We Read I’m still working my way through, and After America I only finished today, which makes it my first book of 2015.)
  • Number of books by female authors: 52 (or 65%)
    I’m super happy with this number – apart from making a conscious choice at book club to only read women, I didn’t make any special efforts to affect this stat. I really just wanted to see what it would come up with naturally, so I’m pleased that there are so many female authors on my radar
  • Genre read most from: Literary fiction was by far the most read genre for me, so this is definitely something I’d like to change in 2015.

Because this was my first year of logging, these numbers are just that, they’re numbers. But hang in there people, next year’s end of year review post is going to be something special.

I’m a compulsive list-maker, so I could probably spend hours making lists based on my reading log, but if you’ve been good enough to read this far into the post, it’s probably not fair to bore you with endless (and somewhat meaningless) lists now. I’ll just finish with a couple of interesting points (well, at least I found them interesting):

  • My least favourite book of the year (that I actually finished) was American Pastoral by Philip Roth, closely followed by An Abundance of Katherines by John Green
  • The book that surprised me the most was Vampires in the Lemon Grove – finally, a short story collection I could engage with (more on that some other time)
  • The book that I would recommend to everyone – my first instinct for this is The Narrow Road to the Deep North, but this probably isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so I would say Life After Life by Kate Atkinson.
  • My absolute favourite book of the year – this is a no brainer, The Narrow Road to the Deep North is one of the best books I’ve ever read, ever.

Right, well, that’s been my year in reading. Now it’s time for me to sit down and think about what I want to achieve in 2015 – I believe some people call them resolutions. Stay tuned…

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  1. I’ve never really given any thought to the ratio of female authors in my read shelf, but this post has given me pause. I’d like to keep track of it in 2015 for sure.

    You had an amazing 2014!


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