Autobuy authors

Do you have authors that you need an autobuy button for? These are the ones you wish had some sort of system to alert you the very second they finish writing a book. They get your hard earned cash every time they publish, and will continue to as long as they keep writing, but you’d be happy reading their grocery lists if that’s all there was. Their name on a list of new releases elicits bookish thrills of the highest order and is enough to erase the memory of that massive TBR pile growing mould beside your bed. Sound familiar? And, if so, I hope for your sake that your autobuy author isn’t Jodi Piccoult – sister churns out a lot of books.

It was seeing Peter Carey’s new novel Amnesia in the bookstore the other day that got me thinking about this. I have a few autobuy authors (Zadie Smith, Barbara Kingsolver and Geraldine Brooks), but Carey is my number one. I’ve read everything he’s ever published (which is a shitload) and loved every single page. I think he is a supreme storyteller and I wish I had just the smallest fraction of his imagination, not to mention his talent. The thing is, I love his writing so much that I have no idea whether I have any sort of objectivity any more. You’d think that I’d have ridiculously high expectations for Carey books, expectations that get higher every time he publishes something that I love, thus making it harder and harder for him to impress me. But it’s not the case – the man just doesn’t know how to write a book that I don’t love. It’s like he’s broken through some kind of fifth wall in my reading brain and it doesn’t matter what he writes, I’ll read it and I’ll love it. It’s very comforting to have this kind of certainty.

Tell me, who are your most trusted authors, and is there a way to get my objectivity back?

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