Thanks for all the books: multi-perspectives

This week, I’m feeling grateful for multi-perspective narratives that don’t suck. You know, the times when a story is told from several points of view, and you are interested in all of them. I find it really rare that there isn’t at least one character that you dread another chapter from. But this week, I finished reading Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter, and I loved every single word of it. He absolutely nailed all of the different characters’ voices and stories and knew just how much time to spend with each of them: for some people, just one chapter was enough, others needed several.

I am a big fan of multi-perspectives (is that even what they’re called?), but it’s so hard to get the right.

For me, books like All the Light We Cannot See and Cloud Atlas did it beautifully. But The Casual Vacancy, not so much.

What are some of your favourites?


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  1. Without a doubt, my favourite multi-perspective is ‘An Instance of the Fingerpost’ by Iain Pears. Epic, but gripping from the first page to the last.


  2. I agree that All the light you cannot see did multi perspectives POV very well. I also think All the bright places did a great job with it. Sometimes it just works. 🙂


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