The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro


Two words for you people: snooze fest.

I went into this with quite some trepidation – I didn’t know quite where I stood with Ishiguro; I loved the quiet beauty of Remains of the Day, but really didn’t engage with Never Let Me Go. I felt like Never Let Me Go was a missed opportunity – such a cracking concept, but the book felt flat and dull to me. I think my problem (and the problem is definitely me – I haven’t met many people who disliked this one as much as I did) is that if I’m going to read a novel with sci-fi themes/elements to it, I don’t want it to be all literary and quiet – I want a rollicking romp. I want explosions and fighting and drama, I don’t want the mundane aspects of real life to still be among the main themes. Anyway, I digress, but for good reason because a lot of the complaints I have about Never Let Me Go, I also have with The Buried Giant. It was too slow, too quiet, not quite reality, but not quite fantastical enough to be fantasy – just a bit of a nothing. I think I know what Ishiguro was trying to ‘say’ with this novel, I think I understand the message, I just don’t think it was very well done.

What are your thoughts internet? Am I wrong?


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