Filling the silences with podcasts

Podcasts are a bit of an obsession of mine – it’s gotten to the point where I feel like every spare minute I have that’s spent in silence is a waste – that’s a whole minute that I could have used to listen to someone wittering on about some super important thing that will add intense amounts of value to my life. You know, stuff like the Gilmore Girls, and shitty movies and what Adam Scott thinks about U2. As I said, life-changing stuff.

I recently wrote an article for Writer’s Edit about the top podcasts for readers and writers, which you can find here. But I also listen to a lot of podcasts that don’t have any real relevance to readers and writers, so I thought I’d lay a couple on you here, on the off-chance you are looking for some ways to fill the silences in your life.

  • The Gilmore Guys – although I mentioned this one briefly in the other article, I didn’t stress just how much I needed this in my life. Seriously. If you like GG, then you have to listen to this. While it’s not always factually correct, it is always hilarious and entertaining and just plain wonderful.
  • U Talking U2 To Me – I don’t love U2, I’m not even sure I like them all that much, but I could listen to Adam Scott and Scott Aukerman talk about them all day long. Which is handy, because some of these episodes go for roughly a day. And even then they might only talk about U2 for 3 minutes.
  • How Did This Get Made? – Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael and Jason Mantzoukis (who happens to be a massive Gilmore Girls fan by the way, and has been a guest on the Gilmore Guys podcast (I have no words for how happy this makes me)) basically choose a really shitty movie, watch it, and then discuss how the hell something like that got the green light – some key movies so far have been Glitter, Burlesque and Sharknado.

There are heaps more where they came from, but I should probably keep some of my guilty secrets to myself. Do you guys have any recommendations for stuff I should check out?

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