Top Ten Tuesday: Autobuy Authors

This week’s Broke and Bookish Top Ten Tuesday is the top ten autobuy authors – those people that get your money in their pockets the second they bring a new book out. Unfortunately for my bank balance, I have quite a few of these – and some of them are bankruptingly prolific (although not as prolific as the likes of Jodi Piccoult – I feel for those 0f you who have her on your list).

I got to nine and then started to panic about how much money I’ve spent on books…

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  1. Geraldine Brooks, Kate Morton, Elizabeth Kostova, Kent Haruf (RIP), Lisa See, Khaled Hosseini, Kate DiCamillo, Joanne Harris, and yes, Robert Galbraith (alias JKR) and Fannie Flagg.


  2. Great list! I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve ready by Kate Morton, Barbara Kingsolver and Bill Bryson and I’m planning to read more of their books one of these days! I’ve definitely got my eye on Kate Morton’s upcoming book, “The Lake House.” And on the topic of Bill Bryson, are you planning to see the movie version of “A Walk in the Woods”? It looks pretty good. 🙂


    • Thanks!
      Oh man, I am SO excited about the Walk in the Woods movie – I think that is my favourite of his books. That Katz is such a great character, and I remember laughing out loud a LOT in that book.


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