Thanks for all the books: plane rides

There is nothing better than a plane ride for getting in some serious, uninterrupted reading time.

I had two flights this weekend, and even though they were only an hour or so each, that’s more time in one sitting than I usually get to just sit back and read my book while someone brings me a cup of tea and throws a tiny sandwich at me. It’s one of the reasons I love flying so much – when else do you find yourself in a situation where you physically can’t do anything but sit and read – there’s nothing else you should or could be doing. It’s a glorious thing.

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  1. I LOVE flying for that very reason! I am temporarily living in Italy and I love the international flights back to the States to see my family. The flight is typically twelve hours (including layover time). I don’t usually read the entire time, but I do read for most of it. Love it!


    • Long haul flights are the best aren’t they? Although I usually waste at least an hour panicking about what to do first – read, watch movies, play games, eat, drink, etc etc. haha.


  2. God bless long distance travel. This is so true! I had to take a long train journey last month for work and I think I was the only person who was delighted when the train got delayed because it gave me more free time with just me and my book (which was the First Fifteen Lives of Harry August, if you’re curious).


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