Bookish breakups

For us readerly types, books are some of our best friends: they never leave you waiting in a public place because they are perpetually late, they never forget your birthday and they are not going to ruin your life by going off to have a baby. In a lot of ways, books are much better people than people are people, so calling a friendship into question over a crime against books and reading is totally justified, right? Right? Here are a few acts that, in my opinion, are grounds for taking a good hard look at someone and their friendship:

  • You suggest, advise, badger and cajole someone to read your favourite book – not just because it’s your favourite, but because you know they’ll love it too – you even go so far as to buy them a copy of the damn thing, and they still don’t read it
  • You lend someone a copy of a treasured tome and any one of the following happens:
    • They fold the corners
    • They break the spine
    • They write on the pages
    • They relegate it to their shelves and you never see it again
    • They lend it to someone else and you never see it again
    • They pack it in a box when they move house and you never see it again (and basically any act that leads to you never seeing it again!)
  • They think the movie was better than the book (this is only applicable most of the time, even I will admit sometimes the movie is better [I’m looking at you 50 Shades])
  • They see the movie instead of reading the book (even worse than the above)
  • They make you feel bad for having time to read. You are not less busy or important than them; you have just carefully crafted every minute of your week to ensure there’s time to read (priorities people)
  • They’re Team Peeta 😉

Do you have any to add?

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  1. Hi bornandread,
    My semi-literate Gran borrowed one of my best leather bound books when i was a child and she broke the spine so the glue and cover was loose – and then told me it was just a book. For me it was a sensorty experience not just a book.
    I never quite forgave her for that and it shows that some people just don’t ever get the book thing.


    • Hi Bren, thanks for stopping by. That story hurts my soul, and the fact that it was leather-bound makes it so much worse. I totally agree – books are so much more than just a couple of pages glued together!


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