Thanks for all the books: Dolly Parton

How great is Dolly Parton? Not just because of Jolene, although that is definitely one of the major reasons. The other day I found out about her Imagination Library (which has actually been running for over 20 years, so I’m only a little late to the party), and it just blew my mind. Just in case some of you guys are as behind the times as I am, the Imagination Library was Dolly’s idea to boost literacy initially in East Tennessee by sending kids in that area one quality, age-appropriate book per month. The program is now so massive that it’s all throughout the US, not to mention the world – there’s even a few branches over here in little old Aus.

I love it when people I love are open about their love for books and reading – it’s a whole lotta love.

So, thanks for all the books Dolly…literally.


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