Sequel to Shantaram

I found out today that Gregory David Roberts has written a sequel to Shantaram. Interesting! Particularly seeing as I thought he ran out of steam about three-quarters into Shantaram. The fact that he has a sequel in him is impressive (and/or a desperate grab for money). Don’t get me wrong, I really loved Shantaram – well, ok, I really loved most of it (and I should say that even though there were bits I didn’t love, the bits that I did love, I REALLY loved – when it was at its best, I thought the novel was freaking fantastic); however, I thought it went a bit off the rails towards the end and was maybe about 100 pages too long, which makes the concept of a sequel particularly interesting.

I’m not sure about sequels to books that weren’t initially conceived as a series. In theory, the author should have written it all out in that first book – left nothing in reserve. So the cynic in me can’t help but think that writing a sequel this many years later is due to someone having spent all his Shantaram dollars and needing a top-up to the old coffers. I should disclaimer this with the fact that I know nothing about this sequel – I guess Shantaram was based on his life thus far, so maybe he’s had some more incredible adventures in the interim. We’ll soon see…


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