NaNoWriMo – yay or nay?

I realise that with this post I’ve become one of a long list of people blogging about NaNoWriMo. I guess the main difference is that most people wrote their “should I or shouldn’t I?” posts weeks ago. Me? Well, here I am, the day before it starts and I still can’t decide whether I should do it or not.

When I first signed up, I didn’t really know a whole lot about it. I saw it more as a way to be held accountable to writing a little bit of something every day – or at least writing a lot of something over a relatively short period of time. And now I’m realising that it’s much (MUCH) more hardcore and organised than that. I really should have been planning weeks ago – I should have a novel in mind, and have an outline written and characters plotted and all sorts of other scary planning things done. And, as is painfully obvious, I have no such things. I mean, I have maybe the smallest scrap of an idea of something that I might want to write – but it’s so far from being planned it’s not funny.

So, should I or shouldn’t I?

I really like the idea of this community of people all struggling to get words on a page/screen at the same time. But is the fact that I’m so far behind in planning and, well, just about everything, going to make me panic? And am I going to end up spending more time trawling the forums and reading the ‘resources’ than actually doing any writing?

I’m confused people – anyone have any last minute advice?

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  1. My best year was a “wing it” year. I planned nothing. I say go for it. Even if you lose, you’ll still have something down! Can’t edit a draft until you have something finished… 🙂 whatever you choose though, good luck!


  2. I wrote one of those ‘should I or shouldn’t I posts just last week, and after going back and forth for a bit decided not to do NaNo this year.
    I decided to do it last year a couple of days before the start and so had no planning done, and I think it would have worked out OK if I’d at least had some idea of how I was going to end it so I knew where I was heading. Eventually I was just rambling and wrote myself into a dead end, which wasn’t great. I think it is possible to wing it though, if you at least consider where it’s going.
    Best of luck, if you go for it!


  3. Great post! I just decided to do this a week or two ago. I have done some planning, but I feel like I haven’t planned nearly as much as others. I feel so much pressure and I am terrified that I will hit a writers’ block after 10,000 words. This will be my first NaNoWriMo. I would just go ahead and wing it. I know there are a lot of people who plan, plan, plan, but there are also some people who just go by the seat of their pants and just start writing. That style may even work for you. At least you could get your feet wet and then you will know for next year if you want to do it again or how much planning you want to do. Good luck!


    • Oooh good luck – I’m sure you’ll be absolutely fine, better than fine actually! And it looks like there are heaps of resources available for you if you get writers block or stuck, so don’t panic.
      Right, I better stop writing these replies and do some NaNoWriMo writing for the day 🙂


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