Thanks for all the books: Kindle-delivered diversions

Sometimes, I just don’t feel like reading serious literature. It’s these times I’m thankful for my Kindle – I’m no advocate for Amazon or anything like that, I know they’re the big evil and I shouldn’t support them, but it’s hard to hate them when they’re there for me so completely when I need them.

Picture this, it’s 11pm on a Friday night, I’m halfway through To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf (which I’m really enjoying, don’t get me wrong), but what I actually feel like reading is the next book in the Lunar Chronicles. I switch on my Kindle, search for Cress, and there it is for $4. Four measly dollars – I am powerless before that kind of bargain. And so, within minutes of wishing it, there I am reading it, and it cost me less than my daily coffee (for which I’m seriously getting ripped off, I know this). It’s hard to argue with that kind of service.

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