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Well, it’s a good thing that I never made any bold resolutions to write more blog posts this year – it’s been three weeks and not a word have I written. Oops.

In my defence, I have been moving house, which they say is the second most stressful thing you can do after divorce, and I believe them. What a palaver. The biggest stress of all, and one that you, my bookish friends, will truly appreciate, is that I have had to downgrade from four bookcases to just one measly one. Before you start to panic, this is a somewhat temporary measure – my old bookcases were getting tatty, and the place we’ve bought is brand new, so I want fancy new shelves, but the interim period is tough. I’m having to keep my poor books in boxes. It makes me sad just thinking about it. And don’t even get me started on how hard it is choosing which books get to fill the bookcase and which ones must stay hidden – it makes Sophie’s Choice look like a no-brainer. 😉

DeathtoStock_CreativeSpace1 11.45.06 AM

Anyway, the place is starting to take shape, in that I at least have a clear space to put my laptop, so I’m back in the blogging game. And the reading game for that matter, because here’s the thing – moving has been so hectic, I’ve barely had a chance to do any reading. My stats for the year are a mess already – I better get some novellas in quick style to bump up my numbers.

Although I’m halfway through the final book in the Lunar Chronicles, Winter, and I’m LOVING it as much as I’d hoped I would.

What’s everyone else been reading?

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  1. I made a resolution to blog more too for New Year’s and have already let things slide. Although to be fair I have just moved house too (and it really is super stressful!) and now I have no Wi-Fi for two weeks and am having to either blog on my phone or go round to my parents’ with my laptop 😦
    I hope you enjoy your new home!


    • Oh man, I know the feeling – we don’t have the internet yet either and I’m having to tether my laptop to my mobile and using SO much of my mobile data. It’s a nightmare.
      Fingers crossed both of us get our interweb issues sorted soon. Enjoy your new place too! 🙂


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