NaNoWriMo – the aftermath

Why is it that during the month of November I had no trouble bashing out a few hundred, sometimes a few thousand, words a day, but come the 1st of December, suddenly the thought of writing is the least appealing activity possible?

If Gretchen Rubin were here she’d tell me I’m an Obliger – that I need some level of accountability to get things done – and I think she’d be right. Even though there is no physical NaNo police presence, no one was going to come and rouse on me if I didn’t hit my word count each day, just having the concept of a community and a challenge keeping me accountable made it so much easier for me to write.

And now that NaNo is over, all of my momentum is gone. Which is so silly because the hard bit is done – I’ve had the idea for a story and I’ve written a shit-tonne of words towards it, so why can’t I keep going? Sure, what I’ve written so far is mostly terrible, and the thought of editing it makes me break out in hives. And yes, a LOT needs to be reworked and restructured and, ok, probably completely overhauled. But the words are there – the skeleton of an idea has been erected, so why am I having so much trouble adding meat to the bones?

The last couple of weeks have been particularly bad for my writing productivity. I’ve moved into a new house so my days have been filled with nesting activities (otherwise known as unpacking boxes) and spending hours marvelling at the things I threw out and the things I kept. Not having the internet certainly hasn’t helped my cause – apparently, it will be connected next week, but I’ll believe it when I see it. But these are just excuses, most of them really poor ones. I just need some motivation – anyone have any advice for getting back into the game?

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