Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

IMG_20160302_190959I have to admit to moderate levels of dread and fear when I picked this book up from the library. Despite the fact that I haven’t heard a bad word said about it in the trusted blog circles, when I opened it up and saw the format I panicked. How on earth (or in space, as the case may be) could someone (or two someones even) write a cohesive and engaging story using a combination of emails, surveillance logs, computer logs and message conversations?

Thankfully, Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff know what they’re doing. They created a world of vivid characters and a story that was interesting, suspenseful, funny, heart-warming – just a really cracking read.

I liked this book a lot – I really bought into the love story and couldn’t turn those pages fast enough towards the end, helped greatly by the fact that some of the pages look like this:

IMG_20160302_190806.jpg   and others like this:    IMG_20160302_190917.jpg

My only complaint was that, while I enjoyed the unusual format, I did think that it kept us a bit too removed from Kady and Ezra. We never really got inside their heads, with the exception of a few diary entries of Kady’s, and that detracted somewhat from the personal side of the book.

If you are after a great story with all the trappings of classic YA fiction, look no further. I’m giving this four and a half out of five dreadnoughts (whatever they are).

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