On making a comeback

I have been through all of the stages of flaking out on a blog: guilt for being slack, regret for all the words not being written, anger that an inanimate object can cause me so much guilt and regret, avoidance of all things blog-related and the negative feelings these bring, and I have finally made it to a general feeling of indifference. It seems that the longer I leave it, the less I feel guilty and the more I feel a calm sort of resignation. Like, it was an interesting experiment, but maybe it’s not for me. Because, what I didn’t realise when I first got into the game is that blogging is a LOT of work. It’s more than just busting out a few hundred words and sending it out into the world – I mean, it can be that, if you don’t want to be part of the community, but ultimately, to have a successful, well-read, much-visited blog, you have to give as much as you take. You need to read other blogs, comment on them, engage with the community, and just generally give a shit. And, thats the thing, giving a shit is hard work, it could be a full-time job in fact, except that I feel like my actual job is a lot less work and much better paid.

So, why are you even writing this post, I hear you ask. Well, despite all the talk of blogging being hard work, I was really enjoying it for a while there. And seeing as I always talk about wanting to be a writer, posting regularly (or semi-regularly at least) was good discipline for making sure I wrote a little bit of something every couple of days.

Thus, I am making a comeback – or an attempt at one, anyway. I’m going to try for two posts a week, which to you ace bloggers out there probably borders on the pathetic, but I know my limits and if I set my sights small, then hopefully I’ll not disappoint. It’s like my boss always says: under-promise/over-deliver.

Watch this space bloggers (and look out for my comments on yours – I’m coming for you)!

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  1. Well, I understand your pain as I go in streaks, too. But I find myself thinking about it longingly when not posting and have met some nice people all over the world, so it was worth it to me. For me, I DO like reading your blog because I’m a book person and it was hard to find a book blog. And I appreciate it when you don’t pull any punches if you don’t like something. When reading about books it’s just as important to say something didn’t work and why. Glad you’re coming back.

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  2. I totally relate to everything you’ve said here! Blogging is such hard work, however enjoyable and rewarding it can be at the same time. I’ve kept posting at least once a week for a while, but it’s been pretty half-hearted, so I’d really like to make a comeback myself.
    Best of luck with it! πŸ™‚

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