My NaNoWriMo Shame

By now, the 6th of November, I should be well into NaNoWriMo – I should have written tens of thousands of words already. I should be feeling good about myself and good about the state of my novel. Instead, I have no words written and just a pile of good intentions, the best of intentions, in fact. Which is why I am subscribing to the T.S Eliot school of thought: “Most of the evil in this world is done by people with good intentions”.

Ok, maybe not quite, but I needed to take comfort somewhere for the giant, steaming pile of good intentions that have come to nowt. It’s 6 whole days in and I haven’t even visited the NaNo website to sign up, never mind opening my Scrivener file with all of my good works so far. Because that’s the worst of it – I’m not starting something from scratch – I’ve already got over 30,000 words in the bank on this one, so you would think it would be easier to get my ass into gear. But no – I actually wonder if it would be easier to be starting something brand new – something that hasn’t been sitting around for the past year making me feel guilty. Except I’m really sure about this idea, and I’m super happy with the story so far, I just really, REALLY need to get writing…so I guess I should stop writing on here right!? Hmmmm….

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  1. Ooh, good luck getting started! I hope you have some more words now. 😀 Sometimes it is hard, I think, to switch one’s brain into “writing mode” … but it’s so satisfying to complete a challenge so I HOPE YOU DO. 🎉


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