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I’m a book nerd. Always have been; always will be. When my friends were kicking about in Mooks and Dangerfield (it was the 90s, that was cool back then), I was wearing my ‘I’D RATHER BE READING’ t-shirt with pride, and copping the requisite flack for my efforts. I wore it to hockey practice, swimming carnivals, Red Hot Chili Pepper concerts, movies and parties. Everywhere I went the sentiment rang true; there wasn’t much I would rather be doing.

I’m all grown up now and while some things have changed – the t-shirt wore out years ago and has since been replaced by a coffee mug – the pull of the page is stronger than ever (unsurprisingly, since the Chili Peppers and parties have been replaced with work, the gym and other such beige pursuits).

So, I’m going to use this space to write about all the things that puzzle, delight, anger, interest, excite, and just generally give me feels, within the realm of books and reading. And hopefully, in the process, connect with other people out there who share my obsession. EnjoyPlant book

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