Autobuy authors

Do you have authors that you need an autobuy button for? These are the ones you wish had some sort of system to alert you the very second they finish writing a book. They get your hard earned cash every time they publish, and will continue to as long as they keep writing, but you’d be happy reading their grocery lists if that’s all there was. Their name on a list of new releases elicits bookish thrills of the highest order and []

Things I may or may not do this year…

Resolutions. Just typing the word invokes panic, as I see all the things I love (booze, chocolate, junk food) being taken away from me, and all the things I detest (exercise and clean living in general) being forced on me. There’s nothing worse. Anyway, I didn’t get you here to talk about all the ‘improvements’ I’m going to make on myself this year (or at least the improvements I say I’m going to make) – I want to talk about all the []

Holiday reading

Holidays are finally here, and I am so ready to get in to some serious holiday reading, of the not so serious kind. I’m not usually one for changing the type of books I read according to the season or time of year, with the exception of avoiding anything too heavy (both physically and emotionally) when I’m flying somewhere. But this holiday I’m really looking forward to some light reads – nothing too ‘literary’, nothing too dark, heavy or disturbing and definitely []

To reread or not to reread…

Why do we reread books? There are so many amazing books out there in the universe, and only a (relatively) short amount of time to get through them all, so why do we waste time by going back to the books we’ve read already? Is it for a sense of familiarity or because it’s a known entity. I know that after I’ve read a book I disliked, I’m often tempted to go back to something I loved so I can regain the []