Chain reading

I have a habit (and I’m not sure if it’s a good, bad or indifferent one) of starting a new book within seconds of finishing the old one. For the most part this is a product of the gargantuan mountain that is my TBR pile, which causes me no small amount of guilt and makes me plough through books so I can see the mountain recede (which it never does because, as I have already confessed, I’m a book-aholic). Sometimes I worry []

Trapped in a book store

Ummmm….so, I’m pretty sure this would be a dream come true for me: The only things I’d be panicking about would be []


Do you think filmmakers have a responsibility to the reading public to make a good filmic account of a book? I know this is a topic that gets talked about ad nauseum, but seeing the Vampire Academy movie the other day put me in a right tizzy about how book-to-movie adaptationists (otherwise known as filmmakers) really have a lot to answer for. There are going to be a lot of people (well, a few anyway) that see Vampire Academy at the movies []

Curious feelings

I am a curious person by nature (there are countless ‘hilarious’ family anecdotes about my curiosity turning into downright staring and stalking); []

Book graveyard

My desk drawer at work has turned into a book graveyard – I always take books in with such good intentions and never finish them. It’s like, as soon as they are at work, they no longer present any sort of appeal, like the office rubs off on them or something. They are tarnished by becoming part of the most boring aspect of my life. Even the David Sedaris book in there seems boring to me when I read it at lunch. []