Reading fast and slow

When you read a book that you really enjoy, do you force yourself to read it slowly, to savour the feeling, or do you try and inhale it all in one sitting? When I was younger I used to fly through books I loved – I still remember being incommunicado for days as I was reading The Bronze Horseman. I was transfixed; I couldn’t read it fast enough. Same with The Hunger Games. I picked it up from the library one innocent []

Chain reading

I have a habit (and I’m not sure if it’s a good, bad or indifferent one) of starting a new book within seconds of finishing the old one. For the most part this is a product of the gargantuan mountain that is my TBR pile, which causes me no small amount of guilt and makes me plough through books so I can see the mountain recede (which it never does because, as I have already confessed, I’m a book-aholic). Sometimes I worry []

Trapped in a book store

Ummmm….so, I’m pretty sure this would be a dream come true for me: The only things I’d be panicking about would be []


Do you think filmmakers have a responsibility to the reading public to make a good filmic account of a book? I know this is a topic that gets talked about ad nauseum, but seeing the Vampire Academy movie the other day put me in a right tizzy about how book-to-movie adaptationists (otherwise known as filmmakers) really have a lot to answer for. There are going to be a lot of people (well, a few anyway) that see Vampire Academy at the movies []